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In this post, I’m presenting the next challenge, for the month of August. We are almost at the end of July and after today, I’m gonna take some time off and will enjoy the summer with my kids, husband and family. So, after this post we’ll talk again in September when everybody goes back to school. For this month’s challenge, I chose to tackle an unfinished project. If this is something that could be of some interest to you, please keep reading. ; )

The challenge

The rules of the challenge

The rules to follow this month are pretty simple. Go back in time and choose a project related to a summer vacation that you didn’t finish documenting. It can be from last year or from 10 years ago, the goal is just to choose one and be done with it by the end of August.

The size/type of the project

You may want to create a mini album, a Project Life spread, add your pictures into a Traveler’s Notebook
 You may choose wathever size you want. Just select a vacation trip (the trip may be in your backyard, not necessarily far away), choose a format, plan a beginning and an end, and have fun creating until the project is complete from your point of you.

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You may choose one or several pictures, you may create one or multiple spreads, you may add a lot of filling cards, embellishments and journaling or keep it very simple with just pictures, it’s up to you. Simply sit for a minute, think about and define what you want to do and finish your project by the end of August.

How to share on social media

Of course, if you want to share your journey with this project with us, feel free to post pictures of your progress and/or of the completed project:

*here on the blog in the comments section;

*on Instagram, using #CBSCRAPCHALLENGES;

*on Facebook, come and join the Private Group CB SCRAP CHALLENGES and share your journey with us.

What project do I want to finish this summer

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A 2018 Summer Week-End Adventure

I chose a trip we took in 2018. I was pregnant with my son and my daughter was only 3. How time flies
 Of course I took a lot of pictures during what was only a week-end adventure. Here is what I’m starting with for this project, aka what I did back in 2018.

Size and format of the spreads

In 2018, I chose to include the documenting of this trip in my Project Life album. So, the size of the spreads are 6×12. At that time I also chose to use mostly the Adventure Story Kit from Ali Edwards. Which is perfect since this kit is part of my Summer Kit (if you want to learn how I created my Summer Kit, go there). It will give some coherence to the pages to continue using this kit. I still have some physical items from the kit + the digital version of the kit.

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Repetead elements and embellishments

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At the time, I was inspired by what Ali Edwards did in her Project Life album with the round story cards labbeled “Adenture 01”, “Adventure 02”, etc. Back then, I identified 6 “Adventures” I wanted to document. I printed pictures for 3 of them. So, I need to go back into my photo archives on my laptop and find the rest of the pictures I want to print. I used mostly embellishments from the Adventure and Light Story Kits: cards, chipboards and word phrase stickers.

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I also had the idea of adhering some strips of pattern papers onto the sides of the page protectors to show that these pages belong together. I have 6 adventures to document, and started to create a page for each one, and I already prepped the page protectors acordingly with the stip of paper.

I need to find the alpha stamps I used to write the title of each adventure to have coherence in the project. I’m pretty sure I didn’t use an alphabet stamp set but that I cut up the different letters in an other stamp set. I’ll have to do some digging in my stamps.

Memorabilia to include in the project

I also took back with me all kinds of brochures, cards and papers from the trip that I still need to go through and I need to choose what I want to keep and use in the album. I can’t wait to get rid of the rest of these papers when I’m done with the project. ; )

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Reasons why

Here are my reasons why for choosing this particular challenge.

Try and finish a project

I don’t know if you’re like me, but unfinished projects are a source of stress, frustration and always clutter my mind beacause I think of all the pages that aren’t finished yet and that I need to go back to and finish. So, this is a great opportunity to finish at least one project.

Feels good to go back and relive these memories

I was flipping through  one of my Project Life album from a few years ago and that’s when I found these unfinished pages of the summer 2018. Seeing the pictures from this trip was really nice, but the fact that these pages were only partially done, was not so cool
 It’s nice, sometimes to go back and relive those memories because I mostly scrapbook about the somewhat current events (in the last few months). It can be a nice and needed change to go back in time.

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In the mood for documenting a summer vacation

I know that some people enjoy documenting stuff like December Daily during summer because they need some change from the current season, and that is totally ok, but I’m more inspired to document things related to sun and warm weather right now. I want bright colors, bathing suits and water, sunglasses and hats, walking and playing outside. So, I’m totally in the mood for documenting that trip and that plays a huge role in my creative process.

An opportunity to use my Summer Kit

kit scrap Ă©tĂ©I’ve also really enjoyed using the Summer Kit I created recently and it’s a new opportunity to use it and to use the beautiful stuff I have in my stash. The kits I used back in 2018 are ones I’m still currently using (either the physical or digital products) and I will most likely also add elements from more current kits like the Roam Story Kit for example.

Finish this before we (may) go back

Since we may go back there, I would like to finish documenting this trip, so I’m able to focus soon on our next visit to the same location with our two kids this time. : ) Documenting this trip will also allow me to remember what activities we liked doing, what we enjoyed, the type of pictures I like seeing after a few years, and it will help me plan our next visit.

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I hope you are inspired by this new challenge for the month of August and that it gives you some motivation to tackle an unfinished past vacation project you may have. I will now enjoy time with my kids, husband and family and create new memories with the people that I Iove because this is what life is all about, right? I wish you all a wonderful summer! See you in September. ; )

Together, let’s celebrate the magic of our everyday life.


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