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In a effort to really use my stash and to simplify things, I decided to create a summer kit for myself this year. In this post, I’ll will explain to you why and how I created my kit & which physical and digital products I chose, so you can create one for yourself if you want to. Let’s dive in! ; )

Why create a summer kit ?

To save time & money

I’m sure I’m not the only one to have some unused scrapbook supplies. We really need to start using our stuff and stop hoarding them. I found that if my supplies are not organized in a way that is convinient for me, I’ll not use them. And I can see that I have had cards and other embellishments for quite some time and haven’t been using them. The trick for me especially is that I scrapbook with not standard sizes and I need to cut cards in order to use them. But it’s ok, I’m getting used to it and I like the challenge.

I’m sure if I had my cards and other supplies organised in way that is convinient, I’ll use them more. That is why I decided to put everything that is summer related in one place. So I don’t waste time going through all my supplies to find something I could maybe use. I’ve never tried this seasonal appraoch before but I think it will help a lot.

And of course, if we are using supplies from our stash, we are buying less stuff and we can spend the money elsewhere.

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To boost energy level & focus

I believe knowing I have a kit as a starting point for my projects will boost my energy level because in this case, I won’t start from nothing, and it is easier this way, I think. In addition, it will increase my focus because I won’t be going through everything that I own but on the contrary, I will limit the number of supplies at my disposal. It will allow me to spend more time actually creating projects instead of just looking through my stuff for the perfect thing to add to my pictures.

To create coherence & harmony in projects

Finally, using supplies from a kit that was created with some guidelines in mind, will help to have more coherence and harmony in projects because everything will more likely go together (depending on how we choose to select the supplies for our kit).


Physical and Digital supplies

Physical supplies

Based on what I already have, I decided to try and stick to a specific color scheme, I also chose supplies with sentiments related to summer and I tried to select different kinds of things (cards, stamps, embellishments).

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Choose a color scheme

Even before starting to create the kit, I was leaning towards pink and yellow for my summer color scheme. As I went through my stash and started to pull out pieces related to summer, it turned out that many of the cards I had were in fact pinkish and yellowish. : ) Plus I ended up with blue/green cards as well. I think 3 main colors are enough. Of course, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be using other colors but that if I use these 3, I will have some coherence in my pages for the summer.

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Pick summer themed items

Some cards and embellishments can be used for everyday life but some of them have really specific sentiments that need to be used for a specific period during the year. For example, if the month or the season  is mentionned on an item, we need to pay attention to that. So, I tried to pick everything that was really specific to summer to be sure to use these items right now. I chose items with these words for example: summer, July, August, adventure (even though it can also be used for everyday adventure), summer stories, sun, light, outside, vacation

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Try and vary the type of supplies for more creative fun

What kind of supplies did I choose? I picked the things I use the most, which are: cards, embellishments and stamps.

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My physical supplies are mostly from Ali Edwards and Felicity Jane, since I already decluterred lots of things and these are my 2 most favorite brands. So, for my stamps, I chose mostly stamp sets from Ali Edwards (Story Kits & Stories By The Month) + 2 sets from Kelly Purkey + one from Kesi’Art. It’s the same for the cards. And for the embellishments, I went through my stash and selected stuff that were either pink, yellow or blue/green.

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I didn’t relly choose anything from Felicity Jane for now except for the embellishments. I think I’ll most likely add things along the way for these, espacially if I need some bigger pattern papers, but I can’t easily add the big sheets into my kit, so I’ll leave them where they are for now.

Digital supplies: the kits I selected

Story Kits : Adventure, Light, Journey & Roam

SBTM (Stories By The Month) : June 2019, July 2018, August 2019

Summer stories (freebie from Ali 2020, received in the Newsletter)

The first project I created with my Summer Kit

As usual, I wanted to try and use my Summer Kit to show you what the result may be, when creating with the kit. I chose to create a Project Life spread: week 26 from July 2020.

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Step 1: choosing my pictures

My first step when creating a PL spread is choosing my pictures. My regular formula for Project Life is : for the large spots : 3 pictures + 1 title card, and for the smaller ones : 2 pictures + 2 cards. This is what I did here, but it may vary from one spread to another.

Step 2: choosing the cards

Then, I went through my Summer Kit to determine what would go well with them. It saved me a lot of time to search amongst a limited number of supplies. The kit looks small in this tiny box (I used a box that came with a mini December Daily Mini Kit) but there are in fact a lot of stuff in it; it’s quite enough. And I like that I can choose between different colors, the ones that go best with my pictures. Three different colors is a good number I think. The supplies I used for this spread are mostly from the Light Story Kit from Ali Edwards + the title card is from the June SBTM from 2019.

Step 3: adding embellishments

Since I need to trim down the physical cards for them to fit in my album (8×8), I had a piece of blue cardstock left from the quote card. I used this little piece of paper to create an embellishment (a butterfly) on my spread. I really like this opportunity to have little elements that match perfectly with the rest of the spread. At first I thought I would use several blue butterflies on my spread, espacially on the large pictures. I tried but the combinaison of yelllow, orange, red and the blue was too much for me. So I switched the blue butterflies for some gold ones and kept only one. I like the result better that way.

I used the little piece of the sun I used in my previous project to add some color on the second quote card and I trimmed down the 3 shapes with the “loving” sentiment from one of the journaling cards to use as elements I repeated on the large pictures. And of course I added a little bit more gold here and there with some stars.

Step 4: adding final touches with stamps

I also used two stamps from the stamp sets I selected in my Summer kit.

summer kit from your stash kit été nos fournitures

Process Video on YouTube

If you’re interested, you may want to go and check out the process video on my YouTube channel to watch how this spread came together.


That’s all for today. I hope you find some inspiration in this post and maybe you’ll try creating a summer kit from your own stash. It certainly helped me a lot for this project and I believe it can do the same for you. Please tell me if you try that approach in the comments; I can’t wait to see different kits created with the same starting point. I invite you to ask me anything you feel would help you with your memory keeping, I’ll be my pleasure to discuss this further with you.

Together, let’s celebrate the magic of our everyday life.


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