December Daily® 2021 – My Hybrid approach

What is December Daily®?

Here is a quick overview of the December Daily® project: this project, created by Ali Edwards, documents the month of December. Most often this documentation is done by creating an album in which we document one story per day for 25 days, from December 1st until Christmas. However, everyone is free to adapt these guidelines as they wish: number of days concerned, album format, independent album or documentation included in the annual album… The objective is that the project is pleasant to achieve.

What happened before with my DD albums…

With the exception of my 2018 album (4×8 inches), I never managed to get past the first few days (5 days at most) in my December Daily®. I always have very good intentions before the beginning of December, I manage to complete the pages as I go through the very first days, then I am always overwhelmed and I give up. I never have the energy to pick up the album once the new year has started.

Analysis: why did I fail before?

I think there are several reasons for these repeated failures regarding my attempts to make December Daily® albums. Here are the few causes that I have identified:

  • Daily life takes over and I therefore do not have the necessary time during the month of December, each day, to complete the pages.
  • I never defined a formula in advance, which would perhaps have allowed me to have a plan to follow during the month and therefore to be more guided in the realization of the different pages.
  • I wanted to do something too elaborate, to be creative with each new page and with each new day. So I had too high expectations and logically ended up abandoning the project.

And as Albert Einstein said:

“Madness is always doing the same thing and expecting a different result.”

My hybrid approach for 2021

In order to put all the chances on my side and go through with the project this year, I decided to change my approach to the project. Here is what I plan to do for December 2021.

Supplies: mostly my new Winter Kit

(visual available soon)

I am currently in the process of completing the creation of my second digital scrapbooking kit: the 2021 Winter Kit (soon available for sale). It includes 12×12 printed papers (12 patterned papers and 7 plain papers), 10 cards available in 3 sizes (4×6 ; 3×4 ; 4×4 ) and a sheet of embellishments. For more information on the 2021 Winter Kit, click here (link available soon).

(for more information on the first Fall 2021 Kit, click here)

My hybride approach with Canva

I recently started using Canva to create my scrapbook pages digitally. It is therefore a new tool, which I do not yet master, that I have chosen to carry out the project mainly, but it is so intuitive to use that I am confident about my choice. So I decided for this year to make my pages 90% digital. I will print them and I will then add some embellishments, and possibly texture with other materials than paper (sewing, embroidery …).

So I created, in Canva, a certain number of templates with “frames”, that is to say locations which correspond to all kinds of shapes (square, rectangle, circle …) and which then allow you to insert a photo or any other image in this predefined frame. All my pages have been designed mainly on the same model: photo or group of photos at the top, then number indicating the number of the day, then below a space reserved for journaling.

I must mention that I was very largely inspired by Shannan (@shannan_pages on Instagram) for the realization of the pages in digital format. If you’re interested, I invite you to check out her guest posts regarding his approach to December Daily® 2021 on Ali Edwards’ blog.

The rythm of the documenting

When it comes to the frequency of documentation, this year I’ll take the approach of picking 25 things to document, rather than just one photo or story every day. I want this album to reflect my concerns and my occupations at a given period of my life (here, the end of 2021). So, it doesn’t really matter when what I’m documenting exactly occurs, as long as it’s something relatively recent. I want to keep track of my current sports practices, my routines, my readings … Here are some examples of what I would like to document in this season:

  • My recent daily yoga practice
  • My passion for Zumba
  • My regular practice of running
  • What I’m listening to right now (podcasts, audiobooks, music)
  • My current readings (novels)
  • My breakfast of the moment
  • At least some elements of “Pieces of me” (project created by Ali Edwards): feet, hands, face, closed eyes, half-face, whole body, reflection
  • Maybe some elements of “Pieces of Home” (project created by Ali Edwards): table, clean, make, door, look, grow, house
  • Maybe a “Day in the Life â„¢” on a specific day if the opportunity arises.
  • Nature’s beauty …


Indeed, whether it is regarding the templates I created with Canva or the themes mentioned above, I will not hesitate to use the same element several times if it’s a perfect fit for what I want to document. For example, I plan to use a number of the page templates I have created in Canva multiple times. Likewise, if during the month I feel the need / desire to document two runs or twice my breakfast, I will do it, without the fear of not being original enough. We can use the formulas that work again and again.

Create some pages before the beginning of December

For pages created before the beginning of December, a distinction should be made between two types of pages: pages that document something that does not take place on a particular day in December but which is representative of the current season and foundation pages which, for me, are more decorative pages and allow me to have fun with the different elements that I have at my disposal, whether it is printed papers, embellishments, etc.

1st category: since I document more the current season in which I am, than the month of December from the 1st to the 31st, I therefore have the possibility of carrying out certain pages before the beginning of the month of December, which will allow me to get ahead and not find myself overwhelmed in the first week. I think I will achieve (at least in part) by the end of November, some pages like those concerning my readings, what I listen to, my Yoga practice.

2nd category: I started to make some more decorative foundation pages that I think I will insert between the other pages…

Presentation video on YouTube

I invite you to go and watch the presentation video available on my YouTube channel, where I explain my hybrid approach and share some foundation pages.

To conclude…

So I think I’m better prepared this year to complete the project and look forward to creating all of these pages digitally in Canva. It will truly be a first experience in creating pages in digital format, which I am sure will be very interesting. I am also looking forward to using my own kit for the first time (the Winter Kit 2021) for this project.

And you, have you planned to participate in the December Daily® project this year? If so, share your approach in the comments: album format, frequency of documentation, kit used … I will be happy to discuss this with you. See you soon on the blog or on other social networks (Instagram, Youtube). I invite you to leave me a little message on the platform of your choice.


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