November/December Scrap Challenge: let’s finish our 2020 Project LifeÂź album before 2021.

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Hello everyone! We are already at the beginning of November, and the end of the year is just around the corner. So today, I’m here with a pretty special new challenge. Hint: it’s not a recipe to follow. ; )  I asked myself what challenge could be fun to try at the end of the year and I thought: would’nt it be great to close the chapter for this strange year that 2020 as been, and start fresh in 2021? This is how I came up with this challenge about Project LifeÂź. Here is what I plan on doing.

Why this Project LifeÂź Challenge?

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My struggle with a constantly changing approach this year

If you follow me for some time now, you know that I had big scrapbooking plans at the beginning of 2020 to create several albums about several aereas of my life. My approach has considerably changed in one year. I simplified a lot and I now have one main album, that I refer to as my Project Life¼ album because is simpler but it’s my album for everything: pocket style spreads, more “traditionnal” scrapbooking pages, full page photos

At the beginning of the year, I chose multiple sizes for my many albums. When I decided to pair it down to only one album, I stuggled with choosing an only format and most of all sticking to it. I changed my mind multiple times and finally felt more comfortable with this non conventional size: 5×7. Since I’m on a minimalist journey, I’m trying to downsize my possessions and this is why this size feels good right now, for 2020.

The result of me changing my mind so many times is that my Project LifeÂź album is nowhere near finished. This is why I came up with this challenge of finishing this album before 2021 starts, and I hope you may benefit from it as well.

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The satisfaction of completing a project

I don’t know about you, but I think there’s always something satisfying in completing a long terme project. I don’t know the specific feeling of finishing a Project LifeÂź album since I’ve never completed one 100%
 I realized that maybe it’s because I never put  a deadline on these albums to be done. This is why, my hope for this challenge is to comlete my yearly Project LifeÂź album, for the first time. If this experiment is a success, maybe I’ll be able to go back in time and finish previous years as well? But first, 2020.

The delight of using my stuff

I also want to take this opportunity to use my stash of scrapbooking supplies. I mostly have Ali Edwards + Felicity Jane stuff. Everything is gogeous and I want to use these supplies to embellish my pages. I hope you’ll also be inspired to dig into your supplies alongside with me to create pages in your own album.

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My plan: how I will proceed to try and complete this challenge

Reminder about this year’s approach

So, my goal is to complete my 5×7 Project LifeÂź album before the beginning of 2021. I’m using white cardstock as the foundation for my pages with the same binding system as the Happy Planner. Until now, I had a weekly approach for the most part and I created for each month: a title page (collage or full page photo), a spread or double spread per week, a few special events pages and an end page (a favorite pattern paper/card).

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Here is where I’m at right now

January: I completed my January pages a few weeks ago (during October).

February: I finished my February pages two weeks ago with this challenge in mind (week 43).

March: I just finished my March pages last week (week 44).

PL2020 - 5x7 album (19)

April: I only have my title page (a collage), my end page with a pattern paper and a card (+ a collage) and also 3 special pages. None of my weeks for April are done and I want to create a page about easter
 I plan on finishing April this week (week 45).

May: for May, I only have a few special pages. That’s it. And I also need to incorporate the prep I did for Week In the Life with Ali Edwards at the time. My plan is to finish May during week 46.

June: for June, I already have 3 weeks documented in the same way (with a collage of pictures glued at an angle on a double spread) + one special page. I will complete this month during week 47.

July: I have almost everything documented for July. I only need to create one or two special pages and it will be good. I will create these last pages on week 48.

PL2020 - 5x7 album (4)

August: for August, I only have special pages I created with the MORNINGS Story Kit from Ali Edwards since I was one of the Guest Designers for the month of September when the MORNINGS kit was released. And I still need to decide how I will document our summer vacation week because I have lots of pictures. I’ll tackle these pages during week 49.

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September: for September, I already documented 3 weeks and I created my title page which was the project I created for my October Scrap Challenge. I’ll do the remaining pages during week 50.

October: for October, I have my title page and one week documented. I will create the other pages during week 51.

November: – I plan on documenting November during week 52.

December: – I plan on documenting December during week 53.

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The reality of this plan + the opportunity to test a new appraoch for next year

I know this challenge will be really hard. In fact, to complete this challenge, I will have to finish at least one month per week until the end of December. But this is also why this is called a challenge and not a walk in the park. ; ) To increase my chances for success, I you saw above, I decided to go back at the beginning of the year, starting with January, and tackle each month, one by one.

Special note : during November & December, I will try to complete one month a week + create the pages for the actual month.

Since there will be a lot to create in a really short period of time, I think this is a great opportunity to adapt my approach a little bit. In fact, I will most certainly make a few changes in my approach for my Project LifeÂź album next year, and I will seize this great opportunity to test it out during this challenge. For example, I would really like to try the monthly approach next year and plan on testing it right away on my remaining pages. This means that for the months where I have no week documented yet, I will probably create on overview of the month with a collage/collages instead of my usual weekly spreads.

PL2020 - 5x7 album (15)

I’m excited to embark on this new challenge and I hope it inspires you to create pages in your own album as well.

How you can play along, follow and how we can boost our motivation together

PL2020 - 5x7 album (1)

I plan on sharing my completed pages on a regular basis on Instagram and I would like to film process videos for you that I will post on my YouTube channel.

If just like me, you want to try and finish your 2020 album before the beginning of 2021 or at least want to create a few more spreads alongside with a group of enthousiast memory keepers, you may share your projects with us here in the comments, on Instagram using #CB2020PLdoneby2021 (you may also use #CBSCRAPCHALLENGES )and you may join us in the Private Facebook Group CB SCRAP CHALLENGES to be inspired and inpire others as well.

January pages on YouTube:

Here’s the video walk through of my January pages. ; )

Thank you for being here and sharing your passion. I hope your level of energy is now up and that you are ready to create and use your stuff for the remaining of this year, before starting fresh in 2021. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below.

Camille : )

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