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Hello everyone ! Today I want to give you some details about the spread I created with my 2019 July pictures, using the formula for the 2020 July Scrap Challenge: photos + gratitude. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article about the July Scrap Challenge, I invite you to go and read that first (here). Today, I’ll explain to you the different steps I followed to create the spread, the elements I used and I’ll tell you more about the size of the pages and the way they are bound together in the album where this spread is gonna live.

If you think this is of some interest to you, let’s dive in! ; )

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The context: just a quick reminder

I’ll just give you a little bit of context here and remind you why I created this spread. I’m hosting a Scrap Challenge for July 2020 and the focus is: daily photos + gratitude. The formula to follow is: one picture each day + a few words of gratitude related to the picture. To give you an example of what could be the result of a scrap project with the 31 pictures taken during the month, I decided to run a test with my 2019 July pictures.

I chose to create a double spread that will live in my square 2019 Project LifeÂź album. The pages are both 8×8.

The steps I followed to create the spread

One day = one picture (in theory)

First I selected 31 pictures taken during the month of July 2019. I chose more or less one picture for each day, meaning that some pictures are from the same day and for some days I have no picture. Since all the pictures are from the same period of time, the time frame is the same so I doesn’t matter to me if there isn’t exactly one picture for each day. So I chose 31 pictures representing the 31 days of the month. It went pretty quickly actually. Then I printed my pictures and croped them.

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Since the pages in my album are 8×8 (+ a little bit of space in the middle for binding), I chose to print my pictures at 1.5 inch. The most important thing with this type of collage is that the pictures and cards have all the same height (not necessarily the same width). To make things more simple, I decided to print my pictures and my cards on the same photo paper. I only needed 2 sheets of paper (A4) to print all the pictures + cards I used for the spread.

At first, I thought I would place my pictures horizontally on the page but I soon decided to place them at an angle because I think the spread is more dynamic this way. At the beginning, I placed them in chronological order, on the left, then on the right, but I changed my ming later on. The pictures go from left to right but on the 2 pages at the same time (see the numbers on the pictures). So the chronological order is not exact but, once again, I think it doesn’t matter.

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag (1)

I chose to prioritize the visual impact of the pictures and cards. I paied attention to the subjets of my pictures and to the colors. On the edges of the page, I placed subjets that could easily be cut off. Because of the way I placed the pictures, at an angle, some of them need to be trimed, so it’s important to pay attention to that when placing the pictures. Then, I used my date stamp to put numbers on my pictures, using only the number of the day (no month, no year).

The cards I used

For this project, I deliberatly chose to limit the supplies at my disposal, so I would stay focus, save time and create someting coherent. I used the Story Kit Adventure and the suns in the Light kit from Ali Edwards. The stamp “I am thankful for” is from a stamp set about gratitude also from Ali Edwards (here’s the link to a similar digital version of the stamp set).

I also used a few pattern paper, and one of them (the pink one) is from the Grace Kit from Felicity Jane. The pattern papers are here to create some breathing space between the pictures and at the center of the pages, I didn’t add any pictures because they would have been full of holes because of the binding.

For placing the cards, I paied attention to colors and sentiments so it would be in harmony with my pictures.

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag ( (3)

The journaling: gratitude

For the journaling/gratitude words, I chose to go with the same size as my pictures (1.5 squares). I cut 6 squares in white cardstock and stamped “I am thankful for” (from Ali Edwards) at the top as a title for these mini journaling cards. Same as for the filler cards, I placed the journaling cards between the pictures in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag ( (8)

I typed my journaling on the computer et formated it so the text would be 1.5 in width. Then, I printed and croped the printed text and I added a very thin strip of gold paper between the title and the journaling.

The embellishments and the title of the spread

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag ( (7)

Since the double spread is already pretty heavy on photos + text, I added only a few embellishments. I left some empty spaces, where I could have add pattern papers and placed the 3 suns in a visual triangle to break the straight lines created by the pictures and the cards. I also added a little gold heart and 3 circle embellishments. I thought it was enough.

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag (

For the title, I used a foam alphabet from Felicity Jane and wrote “Juillet 2019” (July, 2019) at the top left.

The album, the size and the binding system

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag ( (9)

I want to tell you a little bit more about the album I’m using here. For Project Life, I decided to use the same system as with The Happy Planner. If you are not familiar with that, the way the pages are bound together is with mini discs. All you need is the discs and the punch that goes with them and you can create your own album, the way you want it to be. This is what I like the most about that. You can choose any size you want for your album then use the number of discs that is appropriate. The size can be anything you want since you’ll be using sheets of paper and no page protector. There are several sizes for the discs and you can choose the best fit for the thickness of your album. And you can decide to change the discs along the way as your album gets bigger. It is really an awesome system if you ask me.

Why I chose to create a photo collage

I really like grids in general. I like the look and I appreciate the fact that they are so easy to work with. In fact, all you have to do is place the different pictures + cards next to each other. I like to keep a gutter between the pictures and try to keep it consistent throughout the spread but you don’t have to.

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag ( (5)

This kind of design is really simple and you don’t have to come up with something new everytime. It also is a great way to use many pictures in a small space, like here only a double spread for a whole month. It’s quick to make. But the pictures are quite small, so consider that when choosingthe format of your project; I personnally don’t mind that.

The fact that I use white sheets of paper instead of pocket page protectors allows me to really create any design that I can imagine and I really appreciate this freedom.

challenge scrap juillet 2020 photos gratitude collag ( (6)

Here are the main reasons that led me to create a 8×8 photo collage for this project.

Process Video on my YouTube channel

The process video for this spread is available on my YouTube channel if you want to see how it came together.


I hope you discovered a new approach in this post, that is a little bit different from the ones we usually see and that it makes you want to create something for yourself. You may also use this type of photo collage for any spread you create and not only for this challenge. I think I will use this technique again, maybe with some twists, because I really enjoyed creating this project. And I really like the ability to see the whole month on one double spread. Please share your thoughts we me in the comments.

Together, let’s celebrate the magic in our everyday life.

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